Overview: Quick Start

This page provides a quick overview of how to install Jaxer, view the Jaxer screencasts and demo applications included with Jaxer, and quickly create a simple application.

Note: If you are using Milestone 9 or an earlier version of Aptana Studio, uninstall your old version, then download and perform a clean install of the current version of Aptana Studio from the Aptana Studio download page.

A.  Installing Jaxer

You have the option of either installing Jaxer as a standalone web server on your computer, or using the Jaxer server that is automatically bundled with Aptana Studio.

Installing the standalone Jaxer server

How to set up the standalone Jaxer server

Installing Jaxer for new Aptana Studio users

If you are new to Aptana Studio, you can download a bundled version of Studio and Jaxer from the Aptana Studio download page.

Installing Jaxer for current Aptana Studio users

Jaxer is bundled with Aptana Studio v1.1+. To upgrade to the current version of Studio, open Studio and choose Help > Check for Aptana Studio Updates now.

Note: A quick summary of all the Jaxer features available in Studio is listed here.