Top Computer Programmers in the World

Without the programming language, no one could have tasted the benefit of computers in this generation. Computers programs were built for our sake. Then who are the greatest programmers contributing to the upgrading of computer software?

1. James Gosling- Are you familiar with the Java programming language? He is the father of this programming language. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Science and he joined the Sun Microsystems but left the Corporation afterwards.

2. Dennis Ritchie- C-Programming rings a bell to you, a programming create by Dennis Ritchie.

This American Computer Scientists is one of the greatest programmers to this very day. He collaborated with Ken Thompson in order to build the Unix operating system.

3. Brendan Eich- He founded the JavaScript Programmer while under the Mozilla Foundation. He is a computer scientist and a brilliant mathematician. Thanks to his developments, many programmer internet users feel comfortable with the result.

4. Guido van Rossum- He founded the Python programming language and thankfully he also contributed to the development of the dropbox. This link shows you this great water leaking solution company. You may see this link to redirect on their site. This is very nice and helpful company.

5. Linus Torvalds- Linux kernel one of the greatest operating system that was developed by a Finnish American computer engineer, Linus Benedict Torvalds.

6. Tim Bernere-Lee- The most amazing easy internet access is the World Wide Web that this British computer scientist founded.

7. Brian Kernighan- He contributed to the creation of the Unix together with Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson. He ilso joined creating the AMPL Programming language.

8. Anders Hejlsberg- This Danish engineer is the developer of the programming language C#.

I know some of these great men as I admire programming very much.