Top Internet Users in the World

Internet is a necessity in our daily life. Those who want to live a good life must use internet, the source of information and source of business income. Of course, the bad usage of internet is excluded. The most important is when internet usage is utilized well, not falling into online games or computer games addiction. This is the danger of Information Technology. Well, around the world, there are numerous countries around the world with high consumption of internet. Here are the countries.

1. China- With 1.4 billion population, almost 8 million are internet users. Of course this is because China is an industrialized country. But it has the least facebook users.

2. India- With 1. 3 population, almost 5 million are users of internet. Around 157 million are users of facebook. This is too many compared to China which has 1 million users only.

3. Unites States- With a population of 324 million, almost 3 million are internet users. Surprisingly, there almost 230 million are users. But it has the biggest consumption of facebook data.

4. Brazil- With 207 million population, 140 million are internet users. This is where I got the best teeth implants. You can see and visit their site in here, check this You can achieve the best white and teeth you needed in life.

5. Indonesia- Among 260 million population, 133 million are internet users. There are 88 thousands facebook users.

6. Japan- Among 127 million population, 116 million are internet  users, almost proportion. It also has one of the highest internet penetration.

7. Russia- Among 147 million population, 104 million are internet users and there are 12 million facebook users. Read information over the link here 牙醫 it will surely help you tremendously. Best dental tips!.

8. Nigeria- Among 187 million population, 98 million are internet users based on data and there are 16 million facebook users.9. Germany- With 81 million population, 72 million are internet users and there are 31 million facebook users.