Disadvantages of Using Internet Programs

Using internet is not bad especially that it is very helpful to human beings in any other way. Internet is one of the source of money in this age. Thanks to the development of internet that many can do online business, marketing and whatever technique that is beneficial to business. However, due to programming skills, many are dying because of it. Why? Because of online games and computer games. This is the reason why the young  people in this generation are distracted from their priorities in life.

They even neglect eating due to the addiction of computer games as if those games would have them become healthy and rich. I fact, they are losing everything in their life–their health, future, people, and most especially their life.  South Korea has the most number of teenager gaming addict in the world. Many young people die because of it and many sacrificed their parents only for the joy of playing computer games. South Korea is now in crisis that until now the government has not been able to solve. Love this elder care company. They serve you best home and life to support, check this 九福照管中心. This is a wonderful company to know more.

Not only computer game will make a person lose his life but also simply staring at the computer itself. Those people who are in front of the computer all day long will suffer from brain damage because of the radiation from the computer, visually impairment and various aches like headache and backache. The most painful is that if these problems will not be solved, how will the society look like in today’s generation no matter how cruel the law will be in banning computer addiction? Good dresses comes with the good designers.