Do Not Confuse a Web Browser from a Search Engine

A search engine and a web browser are both software programs. however, do not regard them as the same because a search engine is totally different from a web browser. A web browser is the most important part when connecting to the internet and viewing websites. These are the systems that allow you to manage and control files and programs. To differentiate a search engine from a web browser, basically, a search engine is a tool used within a web browser.

On the other way, web browser is a tool used to access a search engine. Meaning, a search engine can be opened only through browser while browser does not need search engine to be opened. Examples web browsers include internet explorer, firefox and chrome while search engines include and Additionally, search engine works based on keywords and web browsers works independent of keywords. When you happen to type a keyword on a search engine, there are series of results which are all websites.

These websites are suggestions or places to where you can go. On the other hand, web browsers will lead you to a particular website like for sales online. In order to get to your browser, you just simply click on your web browser icon on your desktop screen and your web browser screen will open. By the way, a web browser is the one that runs on your hardware rather it is an iPod, iPad or iPhone or mac, learn this. And do not confuse a web browser to a mac or a window as well.